The Japanese car-making industry is one of major driving forces in the global car manufacturing. Japanese cars hit the roads outside Japan en masse back in the 70s and became instantly popular with motorists. Not only because of their price – more favourable than that of European or American cars – but also because of their internal specifications, small size and unique car-making innovations. Today Japan ranks among recognized leaders of the global car-making industry. Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda are cars of the new age, which combine reliability and efficiency, as well as prestige and availability.

Japanese carmakers entered the Russian market, earned great respect by their stamina, adaptability to the most extreme climatic condition and impassable terrains and became worthy competition for acclaimed European manufacturers.

Consumers are happy with absolutely everything: price, components, comfort and convenience, smooth running, relatively low repair and maintenance costs. Upon considering a big share of Japanese cars on the Russian market (over 21%), xperts have developed a new antifreeze meeting all requirements of the Japanese standard by Japan Quality Assurance Organization – JIS K2234.